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Lock Dice


Lock Dice! As a budding lock maker you have set out to test your designs against your peers. Take your picks and pins and challenge some rivals! Note: The game can be played with 2-8 people, but frankly, the bulk of the testing has been done with groups of four. The Dice: 2 black dice for tracking your skill & tools 1 white die for tracking your experience 6 colored dice for lock building… [read more →]

The Current State of Smart Locks

I've been following the smart lock market with great interest. There are some odd ideas, common mistakes, and a lot of hyperbole, but also intrepid engineering, smart marketing and a level playing field. For the first time in decades there is serious public interest in locks and it's pinging the historian in me hard. I'm going to provide some context, refute some dubious claims, and offer my… [read more →]

Remarks on the Unremarkable


In discussing the early history of lock manufacturing in America, we necessarily focus on Hobbs, Yale, Sargent and a very few others. These were the men who advanced the art and paved the way to the future of mechanical security and are rightly the subject of most of our attention. I'd like to cast a light, though, on one of the first families of American lock making. Theirs is a story of great… [read more →]