Hey! I'm Schuyler

Lately I've taken to calling myself a Security Anthropologist. I'm endlessly fascinated by how changes in security technology have effected culture and vice versa. I'm trying to tackle three big projects this year:

  • I'm re-examining the origin of the lock (refuting the Egyptian theory)
  • Documenting the lost lock collection of the Yale & Towne company
  • Creating a guide for media professionals to more accurately portray locks and lockpicking in film, TV, books & video games.

You can read all about them on the research projects page.

To fund this work I give talks, host workshops and consult as a technical advisor. If you want to support my research and have me out to teach, talk or consult for your company, school, production or hacker space, head over to booking info, I'd love to set something up!

You can also find me on twitter: @shoebox where I'm always happy to answer questions. Want to just drop a line to say hi? Hit me up!